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International Pitch 2023

In November of 2022 LEGO presented us with their creative challenge. For decades, Although LEGO has been a source of wonder and joy to children all around the world, its product catalog remains a mystery to many. In this modern age, where children are so well-versed in technology, the interactive online world catalog may seem a bit lackluster.

The main objective we have been tasked with is to get the LEGO catalog into the hands of more kids aged 6-10. We came up with a unique solution while making the experience more memorable and exciting. We challenged ourselves to create a campaign for the holiday wishlisting season (August-October), however, to maximize efficiency, we will extend it from June to October. We have taken special care to emphasize the immersive qualities of the catalog experience, mainly based on sensory experiences while utilizing the most effective touchpoints to reach the greatest number of potential customers.

“We create a fully immersive experience using unforgettable smells, sounds, visions, flavors, and more while guiding you through the magical world of the LEGO catalog, unable to live through your screen.”

Our campaign mainly has the main objective of changing the role of the product catalog from an ordinary paper booklet to the gate of the magical world of LEGO. In order to do so we primarily integrate sounds by developing special audio stories for the entire catalog. In this way children are not just looking at the pictures inside of it, but rather feel like they are in the story with the characters, letting their imagination run wild. An online catalog would never be able to take children on the same journey because it is intangible and less accessible. On top of that, our research has given us the insight that most parents limit their kids’ screen time and not their time spent offline.

    The different deliverables show what it’s like to be completely immersed in the world of LEGO through the catalog. Through sound, visuals, and activation, we show kids that a catalog is more than just browsing through the pages. It will give them an experience.

After working on this campaign for 6 weeks, we had to present our deliverables and client file. Our international jury had to evaluate our work and presentation skills. We won the national competition and had the chance to enter the international competition. We continued to work online on our project as our team was divided in three different timezones. After two rounds of judging, video pitches and a live online Q&A, we were announced winners of the the AdVenture Student Competition, organised in partnership with the LEGO Group Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA).


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